Monday, June 28, 2010

Highs and Lows

Since the last time I posted, Bill and I have been bombarded with highs and lows.  I thought I would outline them for you all here.  Drumroll please.

High #1:  End of school.  The end of the year couldn't come fast enough for me this year and I think we all know why.  The excitement of the arrival of our little girl and knowing that I won't return to school till the end of January because I'll be taking care of her gave me an intense feeling of "senioritis".  So many things to do this summer and the hope that the weather would turn somewhat summery kept the anticipation going.

Low #1:  End of school.  The end of school this year unfortunately meant the governor announcing a need for a 9% budget reduction across the board.  Here we go again.  This time my job wasn't on the line, but we were faced with cutting days and salaries and possibly colleagues.  Our district cut 3 days off the end of this year and 5 days off the calendar next year. This added to the budget stress for us since I'm taking some time unpaid for maternity leave.  Plus kids were really sad to have some of their favorite end-of-the-year activities cut, like a field trip to Oaks Park and the 8th Grade Celebration.

High #2: Sunriver.  Bill and I and some good friends trooped off to Sunriver for 3 days to rest up, kick off summer, and get in one more trip before the baby comes.  We were blessed with some great weather and good times, including a trip to the pool (yea, exercise) and some shopping downtown Bend (yea, yummy lunch!)

Low #2:  The morning of our last day in Sunriver I woke up to discover that had started spotting.  We jumped in the car and raced home, called the doctor, and I checked into OHSU for 2 nights.  I really thought I was leaving Friday morning, but the bleeding started again and they told me to get comfy for the next week. I've been up here with no more incidences and am doing my best to be compliant and follow the rules.  It is not hard to follow the rules when you're in the hospital because, seriously, what are you going to do?  I'm on strict bedrest, only allowed to use the bathroom.

High #3: Our placenta.  Bill was talking to his cousin on the phone and I overheard him refer to "our placenta".  It reminded me that we are in this together.  It isn't my body causing this problem, or Baby Girl's, it is just a little bump on the road to having our family complete.  I was surprised at how much that reference meant to me.  We all have to do our parts right now, including Baby Girl.  Her job is to continue being perfect.  Every time she is on the monitor they comment about how great she is and how easy to track.  She is showing no signs of wanting to come early.  I'm sure her cooperation in the womb is an indicator of how lovely she'll be when she is finally here!

High #4: First shower.  I didn't shower on Wednesday because we left Sunriver so quickly.  By the time they let me shower it was Saturday.  Yuck.  That was the best shower, though.  I've had another since but it wasn't nearly as spectacular as the one after four days.  The CNA came in afterwards to check my vitals and we were talking about how great a shower is after you can't have one.  She pointed out that she remembered not getting to shower when she was in the war and water and electricity was scarce.  They also had to gather enough water in order to shower which made it really challenging.  That was a good reminder that maybe I don't have it so bad.

Low #3:  Missed shower.  My baby shower had to be cancelled because I was in the hospital which was really disappointing.  My sister came into town for it and we had friends and family traveling in for the event.  The host and hostess are two of the most gracious people I know and took care of everything.  And really, what are you going to do?  But I was still bummed to missed another opportunity to welcome Baby Burel.

High #5:  Missing the baby shower meant mini-showers in the hospital.  I may have been here but at least I got to see my sister and I've had visitors and tons of love and more than my share of the cookies that were for the shower.  Cookies make everything better.

Not sure if it is a high or a low so I'm going to call it a "ho".  Bill and I toured the neonatal ICU today.  Staff wanted us to see how it worked in case the baby has to spend some time there.  If she has to be born early, she would need to be there for awhile but there is also a chance that she'll have to be there if I need to be in ICU after her delivery.  Either way, touring that part of the hospital was emotional for me and huge incentive to follow the rules and do exactly what they say.  Baby Girl is 33 1/2 weeks, which is far enough along that she should do fine if she has to arrive early, but I'd really like her to hang out at least a few more weeks.

So there you have it.  The best case scenario right now is extreme boredom.  If there are no more "episodes" I should be able to go home the end of the week.  If there is any more bleeding, I'm likely here for the duration.  We're definitely hoping for boredom!